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Oct 3, 2012

The Valleys sex stars or top models in the making on MTV?

In the second episode of The Valleys, Chidgey, Jenna and Lateysha were given their second modelling task, which turned out to flash more flesh than their first attempt on the beach: Are the cast of the Valleys being preened as upcoming sex stars rather than cat-walk and high-fashion models?

After getting fishy in their first photo shoot on the beach with The Valleys boss AK, the three model wannabes were tasked with some raunchy fetish wear shots, which were taken on convenient location in a sex shop in Cardiff.

Stylist Nicole didn’t seem to happy with the task at hand, as she said that she had all of the kit from sex toys to dress up outfits at home!

Lateysha The Valleys MTV Flashing the Flesh

Lateysha was less than happy with the location and her cat suit inspired latex outfit, which she openly slated in front of the clients – Does she not know that is the golden rule of what no to do if you want to get booked again and make a name for yourself in the modelling industry? Seems she was more bothered about her “popularity” at home being affected…although she doesn’t seem to mind getting it on with her “Lesbi friends”, Nicole and Carley, in front of the cameras.

After getting down and dirty with his ex-girlfriend Natalee, who returned to The Valleys house this episode, and being caught on MTV’s night vision cameras, getting steamy between the sheets in the ‘cwtch hut’ and enjoying a thirty second romp. Chidgey was awkwardly paired with Jenna again, who was definitely less than impressed that he had chosen his ‘psycho ex’ over her.

The Valleys Chidgey and Jenna get steamy on the beach

On top of that, Chidgey was dressed in what can only be described as a ‘gimp’ suit, as Jenna was provocatively styled in a latex, stud and chain cut out body-piece. Doesn’t look like The Valleys gang are on their way to fellow welsh man Julien MacDonald’s catwalk show just yet does it!

After jumping on to a winner with Geordie Shore MTV seem to have figured that sex definitely sells. Will The Valleys turn these potential models into sex stars and glamour girls, known for flashing their flesh, rather than signing contracts at Models 1 and attending Paris Fashion week?

…From what we’ve seen so far it looks like they will be carving out a Katie Price modelling career rather than Kate Moss; who knows, Chidgey might even become the next Alex Reid – watch out Leeroy he will be after you music career soon!

Which of MTV The Valleys cast would you like to see flash the flesh?

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Aug 7, 2012
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Meet MTV The Valleys Cast Members

MTV UK has announced the cast members for MTV The Valleys, due to hit music television screens this September. So who are they?

The Valleys MTV Cast Members

The Valleys MTV Cast Members (Pictures courtesy of MTV)

Meet MTV The Valley’s bunch of aspiring glamour girls, laddettes, sports men, buff boys, brainy birds,  and music masters….

Nicole Morris @NicoleValleys

Nicole Morris - MTV The Valleys

A 19 year old hairdresser from Swansea, Nicole matches her bubbly personality with her loud, colourful outfits and big, red hair.

An aspiring fashion stylist Nicole is hoping to acheive her ambitions on MTV The Valleys and to ‘become a star’.

A self-confessed attention seeker, Nicole’s motto is: “Don’t hate me, cause you ain’t me” and we hear she has a little crush on some-one called Mark Wright?

“I’d like a bit of Mark Wright. He’s nice, I’d like to date him!”

Liam Powell @LiamValleys

Liam Powell | MTV The Valleys

A 26 year old rugby player from Ystrad Mynach, also known as ‘Lip’ by his team mates, is hoping to break into the music industry through MTV The Valleys.

A far cry away from your typical “only gay in the village” stereotype, Liam is no LittleBritain’s Daffyd.

Not in it for the fame, Liam is hoping to get out of the “rut” he is stuck in and climb the ladder of DJ, tableturning fame:

“For me it was an opportunity to get out of the rut that I’m in,” and also to inspire gay people to ‘come out of the closet’


Jenna Jonathon @JennaValleys

Jenna Jonathon - MTV The Valleys

A 21 year old Law student from Tonyrefail, Jenna is the brunette version of Legally Blonde’s blonde bomshell, Elle, complete with handbag pooch accessory and partner in crime, Princess her Chihuahua.

Not too dissimilar from a dark haired Sophie Reade, Jenna is hoping to flaunt her 18th birthday presents in The Valleys and break into the glamour industry, using her Double D bust instead of her A* brains.

“You’re only young once and your looks are going to fade….Law is a bit too boring; I’ve always wanted to model while I still can!”


Leeroy Reed @LeeroyValleys

Leeroy Reed | MTV The Valleys

A 21 year old Labourer from Bridgend, Leeroy is set to be the first big urban music sensation to come from The Valleys, and could be set to give Liam a run for his DJ spinning money!

A self-confessed ladies man, Leeroy is focusing his attention on his music, saying that rapping is his “priority” rather than the ladies, though with temptation in the house we’re sure it won’t be long until his mind (and eyes) wander from his ambition

…..It doesn’t seem like he is the fussy type either… “Skinnies or fatties, I don’t care… sex is sex , innit.”


Carley Belmonte @CarleyValleys

Carley Belmonte | MTV The Valleys

A 21 year old call centre manager from Caerphilly, Carley dreams of swapping her boring job at the centre for the action in promotion.

Wanting to make it in the cut-throat world of PR, Carley also hopes MTV The Valleys will propel her to the heights of TV presenting fame; the same as her idol, Holly Willoughby.

The girl-next door type, Carley says Cardiff has changed her boyfriend aspirations from “someone walking out the job centre with a can of beer and wearing a trackie, to a nice hot man in a suit – the difference in talent is huge.”

Darren Chidgey @ChidgeyValleys

Darren Chidgey | MTV The Valleys

A 25 year old Brick Layer from Bridgend, Darren, called by his surname, Chidgey, is a self-confessed ladies man with muscles to match his ego!

Looking set to give Geordie Shore’s Gaz, AKA ‘The Parsnip’, a run for his money when it comes to pulling the birds. Chidgey is MTV The Valley’s aspiring male model who rates himself a modest 10/10.

Hoping to make it big in the modelling world and bag himself a Calvin Klein campaign, Chidgey only has one thing on his mind….success:

“I don’t want to be a nobody, I want to be a somebody.”


Natalee Harris @NataleeValleys

Natalee Harris | MTV The ValleysA 23 year old call centre supervisor from Pontypool, Natalee and Carley might find they have a few things in common!

This glamorous girl is, surprisingly, a self-conffessed ‘ladette’ who describes herself as ‘honest’, ‘open’, and ‘not like anyone else’.

Also aspiring to be a model, Natalee might face some ‘bitchy’ competition in the glamour stakes… hopefully Natalee’s secret weapons ‘Phil and Grant’ (her boobs) will take her to victory!

“Good press or bad press, it’s all some kind of press. There’s going to be bitchiness and more hating but on a larger scale – it doesn’t really bother me.”

Aron Williams @AronValleys

Aron Williams | MTV The ValleysA 19 year old student from Tredegar, Aron is a three-time world champion kickboxer aspiring to carve himself a career in sport.

Fanatical about UFC, Aron hopes to swap the hills of The Valleys for the bright lights of the Hollywood Hills in America: staging his own kickboxing events or staring in an action movie, like his idol Jean Claude Van Damme.

We think that there may be a bit of stiff competition between Aron and Chidgey when it comes to the ladies in the house: “The other week I went out three nights in a row and shagged a different girl each night.”

Lateysha Grace @LateyshaValleys

Lateysha Grace | MTV The ValleysA 19 year old accounts administrator from Port Talbot, Lateysha is MTV The Valley’s wannabe WAG and budding Diva, Beyonce lookalike.

Dreaming of a life of fame and fortune, Lateysha is also an aspiring glamour model, with Miss Katie Price, and her alter-ego Jordan, as her business woman role model.

Working her way through many different job roles since getting kicked out of college, she is currently kept as a WAG by her long time boyfriend Ryan, of five years;Will she be tempted by the buff boys (and girls) in the house?…..”I kiss boys and girls too, [my Mum's] not going to be happy!”


MTV The Valleys is coming in September and will follow the nine aspiring Welsh cast members in a six part series, where they will move to Cardiff and live out their career ambitions; trying and make it big in the real world!

They won’t be alone in their efforts, 31 year old glamour model and photographer, Anna Kelle, and 28 year old night club promoter, Jordan Reed, will be there to lend a helping hand and guide them on their journey to success.

Meet MTV The Valley’s Mentors

So, What do you have to say about MTV The Valleys cast members? Comment or Tweet #TheValleysCast to @TheValleysTV


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Aug 2, 2012

MTV The Valleys Preview Teasers | Watch out Geordie Shore!

Hot off the heels of the success of Geordie Shore, previews of MTV The Valleys hit music television screens on Tuesday night, in-between the ad breaks for Geordie Shore.

MTV The Valleys Teaser – courtesy of

The short clips previewed MTV The Valleys teasers from cast-members, amidst comical dancing cartoon sheep, giving MTV fans a glimpse of what is soon to come when the show airs.

Cast members named so far include: Jenna, Aron, Carley, Chidgey, Natalee, Leeroy, Nicole, Liam and Lateysha.

Here is what the rowdy Welsh bunch had to say for themselves:

Busty Jenna: “I’m Jenna, because I’ve had a BOOB JOB, when I tense my MUSCLES I can MOVE my BOOBS.”

Action Man Aron: “I’m Aron and I’m the WELSH Jean Claude VAN DAMME.”

Wino Carley: “Hi I’m Carley & when I’m not SLEEPING I’m SWIMMING in ROSE.”

Buff Chidgey: “My name’s Chidgey and its CRIMINAL to keep this BODY under WRAPS.”

Crazy Natalee: “I’m Natalee, a little bit WILD, WEIRD, an’ probably NOT that WELL.”

Bad Boy Leeroy: “My name’s Leeroy i’m going to RAP my way OUT of the VALLEYS

Cheeky Nicole: “Hi I’m Nicole, “Boys I’m a big FLIRT an’ I ALWAYS get my ARSE out so WATCH out”

Mysterious Liam: “I’m Liam and i’ve got a SECRET that’s BURSTING to get OUT.”

Diva Lateysha: “My name’s Lateysha I am the BEYONCE of the VALLEYS.”

You can watch MTV The Valleys Teasers on MTV’s website.

Originally under the impression that MTV The Valleys was going to include only 8 welsh cast members from the Valleys, it seems that they could not resist the addition of one more member to add to the mix (Wonder which one it was!)

An air date is yet to be released but trailer teasers for MTV The Valleys are definitely a good sign of things to come…..Watch out Geordie Shore The Valleys is coming soon to blow you out of the water!

What did you think of the MTV The Valleys Teasers? We’d love to know what you think!

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